G'day, I'm Dr Loren Bruns.

If you're reading this then you've come across me somewhere on the Internet. I used to write code and do all kinds of science as a research software engineer, but now I find myself managing the delivery of e-Infrastructure at the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN).

I live Melbourne, Australia and generally try to be as awesome as possible.

I've tried blogging and using my domains for good and not evil. In the end they've all ended in dead links and unmaintained good intentions. This light bio page is the last, best hope for a non-platformed web presence.

Some of the research I've been up to:

J Clin Exp Neuropsyc, 42:1, 55-65 [2020]
Co-authored paper on a novel online tool to remotely assess learning ability in older adults.
Alcohol Clin Exp Re, 43: 877-887 [2019]
Co-authored paper on some predictors of adverse alcohol use consequences among tertiary students.
Addictive Behaviors 83, 35-41 [2018]
Co-authored paper on assessment of alcohol intake, comparing traditional retrospective measures to a smartphone app.
Medical Journal of Australia, 206: 121-125 [2017]
Co-authored paper on the first results from the The Australasian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN).
University of Melbourne School of Physics [2016]
Published my PhD thesis: Lyα Emitters as a Probe of Galaxy Formation and Ionisation History.
J Diabetes Sci Technol, 10(5), 1015–1026 [2016]
Co-authored paper on building the Australasian Diabetes Data Network, a collaborative resource for understanding type 1 diabetes.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7975, 364-379 [2013]
Co-authored conference paper on the Endocrine Genomics Virtual Laboratory project.
Mon Not R Astron Soc 421 (3), 2543-2552 [2012]
First author on MNRAS paper on the modelling of visible Lyman-alpha galaxy densities around luminous quasars at redshifts between 2 and 3.

Some of the places I exist online: